For VOLVO S40 II MS AWD OR C70 II Convertible 2.4 i B5244 Cylinder Head GASKET


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For VOLVO S40 II MS 2.4 AWD OR C70 II Convertible 2.4 i B5244S4 B5244S5 Full Set Overhaul Package Auto Parts Engine Gasket 50288100

ENGINE:B5244S4 B5244S5

Model Engine Displacement Power Hp Type Year
FOR VOLVO S40 II MS 2.4 B 5244 S5 2435 103 140 Saloon 2004/01 – /
FOR VOLVO S40 II MS 2.4 AWD B 5244 S4 2435 125 170 Saloon 2006/08 – /
FOR VOLVO V50 MW 2.4 AWD B 5244 S4 2435 125 170 Estate 2006/08 – /
FOR VOLVO V50 MW 2.4 B 5244 S5 2435 103 140 Estate 2004/04 – /
FOR VOLVO V50 MW 2.4 B 5244 S4 2435 125 170 Estate 2004/04 – /
FOR VOLVO C70 II Convertible 2.4 B 5244 S5 2435 103 140 Convertible 2006/03 – /
FOR VOLVO C70 II Convertible 2.4 i B 5244 S4 2435 125 170 Convertible 2006/03 – /
FOR VOLVO C30 2.4 i B 5244 S4 2435 125 170 Hatchback 2006/10 – 2012/12


Cylinder head gasket MATERIAL: Graphite or Other

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Weight 0.9 kg
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FOR VOLVO C70 II Convertible 2.4 i

B5244S4 2435CC 2006-


3 Year

Non-Domestic Product




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FOR VOLVO C30 2.4 i

B5244S4 2435CC 2006-2012

FOR VOLVO C70 II Convertible 2.4

B5244S5 2435CC 2006-

Country/Region of Manufacture


FOR VOLVO V50 (MW) 2.4

B5244S5/B5244S4 2435CC 2004-


Head Gasket Kit


B5244S4 2435CC 2006-


B5244S4 2435CC 2006-


B5244S5 2435CC 2004-

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